v.w asked “how to go natural and what are some hair styles?”


Going natural means just washing your hair and styling it. You don’t apply any heat, if you do you are no longer “going natural.” You’re going to have hair shrinkage; some people’s hair is different than others so yours might shrink up more than your friend. The YouTube video below is by DisReyRey, she shows you some hair styles. Everything you need is in her description box. I absolutely love her videos!



xoxo fedupblackteen

boys , boys , boys

kiwi fruit asked “how to get boys to like you back” and she came to the right person.

  1. keep it cute and classy and not trashy! don’t start dressing less because that’s not going work. He’s going to just like you for your body if you know what I mean!!
  2. Don’t be shy, you have to actually talk to your crush. “hey” “Did you do the homework?” “where are you going to do the weekend” anything to get the conversation going.
  3. Flirt but don’t over do it! Smile, show your crush some teeth. If you have a horrible laugh like I do try to avoid laughing. Look into his eyes and you’ll steal his little heart ❤
  4. Don’t scare him away! keep it cool. Boys don’t like loud ghetto girls. Don’t tell him your life story right away. Your connection will be strong with a little mystery. NO LYING!

If he doesnt like you for who you are then  forget him.  Every movie says “they’re more fish in the sea.” It might not come as fast as you want but your little fish is going to swim to you soon.

xoxo fedupblackteen